Intellectual property rights are a legal provision well known to companies, literary and artistic creators in Paris. This includes all the conditions relating to the use, publication and protection of intellectual creations. It gives a creator an exclusive right of use over his creation, for a certain period. To avoid any form of counterfeiting, which is quite commonplace, you need to protect your works by going through a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law in Paris. But how to find him? Before answering this question, a clarification on the right of intellectual property would not be refused.

Intellectual property rights and all their interests

The main objective of intellectual property law is to foster an environment conducive to the flourishing of creativity and invention. It allows a creator to gain recognition and a financial advantage on his creations. Intellectual property rights come in several forms: 
  • Copyright: a legal term used to describe the rights of creators in their artistic and literary works. It can be musical, sculptural, cinematographic works. There are also databases, advertising creations, technical drawings and geographical indications.
  • The patent: this is an exclusive right granted on an invention.
  • The brand: it allows the products or services of one company to be differentiated from those of other companies.
  • Business secrets: intellectual property rights relating to confidential information. These can be sold or licensed. Unauthorized use and disclosure of this information is considered a violation of the protection of trade secrets..
From a social point of view, intellectual property rights also aim to encourage research and development activities and to provide the means to finance them.

Resort to a specialized lawyer for maximum protection of your rights

In general, the creation of a work automatically generates rights that must be protected. Recourse to an intellectual property lawyer in Paris, known in his field of activity, is a necessity for better protection of his creations and inventions. The scope of action of this professional is quite wide. It ranges from simple advice to resolving a dispute. By enlisting the services of this legal representative, the professional artist will be able to claim better prevention advice against the abuse of his copyright. His lawyer will not fail to provide him with a lot of advice before the publication of his works on the Internet. In addition, this professional is also involved in the protection of domain names, via litigation procedures such as the UDRP procedure or even Syreli before the WIPO. On several occasions, he will also be called upon to deal with cases relating to unfair competition or defamation. Thanks to his know-how, he will know how to remove illegal content (confidential information, false information, insults and defamatory remarks) published on his client's website. Otherwise, the lawyer specializing in intellectual property law wants to be a valuable ally for companies working in the field of e-commerce. He supports them in the elaboration of the web development contract, drafting contracts concluded online and ensuring the compliance of the proposals.

Finding a good lawyer is based on a few selection criteria

For the selection of your intellectual property lawyer in Paris, we advise you to take into account a whole series of parameters. The expertise of this professional is, of course, the most important criterion in your research. Make sure that this professional has several years of experience under his belt. Thanks to his expertise, he will be in a better position to provide you with the best advice and proposals. To make sure of his skills, don't hesitate to ask him for a portfolio, in which you will find the cases he is used to doing. While seniority is often a guarantee of quality, so  is a good reputation. So, turn your choice to a lawyer who has made a name for himself in the world of intellectual property law. Admittedly, his fees are quite expensive, but his services are worth it. Price should therefore in no way be a main factor in selecting your lawyer..

Online researches to find an excellent lawyer

Your creations and inventions are worth gold. It is therefore essential to entrust the drafting of its intellectual property contracts in good hands. So, before making your selection on a specific lawyer, do more research by surfing the web. Most of the information (profile and experience) of intellectual property lawyers in Paris can be viewed on the net. An overview of the cases they have already handled will make your choice way easier. Before making a face-to-face meeting with a particular lawyer, initiate a telephone interview with him. This telephone meeting is decisive in determining your choice. It will allow you, among other things, to know if you are comfortable with this representative of the law. If you don't, you might not be able to explain anything to them. Otherwise, it will also give you the opportunity to assess the listening skills of the other person. Keep in mind that a lawyer who knows how to listen to you will be better able to understand you and find suitable solutions to your problems..

Passer par un cabinet d’avocats spécialisés en droit de propriété intellectuelle

If you are still having trouble finding this law enforcement representative, turn to an intellectual property law firm in Paris. This structure has a pool of profiles, with different levels of experience. Depending on the creation or invention to be protected, it will offer you a lawyer who is used to handling the file in question. Here, the selection of this professional is by no means the result of chance, but the result of real reflection. The lawyers of these firms thus support individuals and companies in the management of their intellectual property. They put in place with them the best strategies to protect their intellectual property assets. To find a law firm, consult and participate in dedicated forums. The users will be able to give you some famous names. Otherwise, many dedicated platforms compare several law firms. Some of them even post comments, positive or negative, from customers who have already done business with them. At your discretion, you can then consult the websites of these firms. You can discover the companies (startups, large international groups, public and private organizations) that have already collaborated with them. Seeing this will certainly give you confidence..