Analyzing Business Growth

Measuring and Analyzing Business Growth: Metrics for Success

In the modern business world, growth is not just about expansion—it’s about sustainable and responsible progression. To ensure that businesses are moving in the right direction, it’s imperative to deploy various metrics and analyses. These metrics offer businesses a quantitative…

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What purpose does the labor code serves?

The Labor Code is the body of law that governs relations between employers and employees. All the procedures that must be carried out between these two legal subjects are present there. The question then arises as to what is the…

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Who to contact concerning labor rights?

All employees generally have rights that their employers are required to apply on a daily basis in carrying out their jobs. In case of failing to respect these fundamental rights, it is possible to file complaints with a dedicated organism…

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What are the characteristics of a contrat with a determinate duration?

Unlike other types of employment contract, the CDD cannot be used freely for an employer. This type of contract is only used if a company encounters circumstances or episodes that imperatively correspond to situations provided for and authorized by the…

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What is a non compete clause?

The non-compete clause is an optional clause that the employer can include in an employment contract in order to prevent the employee from competing with them. But what are the conditions for it to be valid? And what penalties is…

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Find an intellectual property lawyer in Paris

Intellectual property rights are a legal provision well known to companies, literary and artistic creators in Paris. This includes all the conditions relating to the use, publication and protection of intellectual creations. It gives a creator an exclusive right of…

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