Electronic signature

How to electronically sign documents?

When you send an email with an attachment, you will give the email more value by electronically signing the attached document. The electronic signature has the same value as the handwritten signature affixed to a classic letter. But how do…

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How does the electronic signature work?

Thanks to the advent of dematerialization as well as computer systems, electronic signatures are becoming more and more common. Like the handwritten signature, this allows you to approve the concordance of a document. Since today’s world is turning to digital,…

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Electronic signature : what is the eIDAS regulation?

The eIDAS Regulation (electronic IDentification And Trust Services) is a regulation which concerns electronic identification and trust services which operate in electronic transactions within the internal market. This regulation aims to secure transactions on the internet. To do this, he…

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How to sign a pdf document?

PDF documents are widely used nowadays, whether for administrative papers or employment contracts, so it is now possible to affix an electronic signature to a PDF. ┬áthe days of printing out your document and filling it out manually with a…

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