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What is the difference between Wi-Fi and LiFi?

In this article, we’ll be discussing the difference between Wi-Fi and LiFi. Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide high-speed internet access. LiFi, on the other hand, is a wireless networking technology that uses visible…

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applications d'entreprise

How does enterprise application integration work?

In enterprise application integration, disparate applications are connected to share data and business processes. This allows for a more streamlined and cohesive business operation, as data can be shared across applications and processes can be automated. There are a few…

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How to control the quality of our data?

Competition is becoming tough for all businesses. It is now difficult to offer products or services with the dominance of big brands in the market. So, if you want to attract a larger number of consumers, presenting quality data is…

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Purchasing groups: why the PIM is essential?

To accelerate the growth of your business on the commercial level, it is necessary to apply the right gestures and to use powerful and specific tools. You will easily find the best modern tools to develop and improve your business…

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What are the sources of information for the PIM?

Product management techniques are used by institutions in order to improve the quality of their services, but especially to manage all the data produced. The PIM or “la gestion des informations produit” which is the extension of GIP for example…

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How to easily maintain a website or an e-commerce site with a PIM?

The PIM or product information management is a way to ensure the management of products on a website or an e-commerce page. The stakes of marketing on the Internet or multi-channel sales are indeed more and more considerable, especially with…

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Workflow: how to create the workflows that are useful to you?

Redundant tasks, communication problems between departments, lack of organization and lack of time are often found in project management. This can also happen in the business process in general. With workflow, you will rectify these difficulties that can have negative…

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PIM: how to export your own product data in Excel format?

PIM or Product Information Management is software that can be used to increase the sales of your products in an efficient way. How does the software help you manage your product information? Before answering this question, it is important to…

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What software can make life easier for HR?

The use of HR software is essential and vital for a company. It represents relevant support at the technical level of personnel management. Computer programs ensure greater consistency and allow better management of time, activities, staff absence notes and leave…

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How to integrate new technologies in a company?

Technological progress has been experiencing unparalleled expansion for some time. As proof, every year, the big brands market innovative solutions relating to NICTs. The professional field is the one to which these technical advances benefit the most. We find, for…

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