Setting up a business has always been one of the plans of many people. Nowadays, technology can greatly facilitate the life of all entrepreneurs. Having an online sales platform can in this context be a very good initiative. Using the right software to manage your products is always recommended even if finding the right one for you can be quite complicated. Discovering the essentials concerning the PIM is therefore essential.

PIM: What is it?

PIM or Product Information Manager, also called GIP or “gestion des informations produits” concerns the software that allows you to exploit, centralize or update your product data. This can concern prices, measurements or even images associated with products. The goal in this context is to facilitate the update of your product catalog from your e-commerce site. Also, a PIM will allow you to give a uniform customer experience. At the moment, more and more Goaland providers are offering various solutions in this area. However, the most important thing is to define your needs beforehand in order to find the one that suits you best.

The main advantages

A GIP or PIM offers its users a number of advantages, particularly to marketing teams, information systems managers, buyers or e-commerce managers. Among the most important, there is the possibility of exploiting data much more easily. In the same way, a PIM will allow you to make your collaborators more responsible. The software offers you the chance to follow a product throughout its life cycle. Updates can be made simultaneously on all your communication channels thanks to this type of tool. Indeed, a single database is used by all collaborators. The hierarchy of your data also allows you to streamline the work of each person in your company. 

Criteria to consider when choosing a PIM

Choosing the right PIM for you can be quite difficult. However, there are a few criteria that should be taken into consideration in order to facilitate your search. In this sense, the price of the software is among the most important. Also, make sure that the PIM solution you are going to choose can be compatible with all the channels you use. Likewise, you should also be sure that the PIM adapts and synchronizes with the CRM, CMS, PrestaShop or ERP that you use to manage your online platform.