Throughout the world, the information system is currently at the center of economic activity. In the past, companies mainly used the Intranet to share data with their partners and/or employees. Thanks to the various technological advances, the opening on the Internet is now unavoidable. To maximize file protection, many companies employ IAM.

Security, a priority in the IT field

Due to the growing hacking rate, network security has become paramount for all businesses that use the Internet. According to a 2014 survey, experts estimate the global cybercrime market at $400 billion. This colossal sum shows the importance of access management tools or "Identity Access Management". In order to obtain a satisfactory result, it is recommended to entrust the configuration of this tool to an agency that is an expert in the field. Call on an establishment with good know-how and several years of experience. The latter is best placed to perfect the various tasks.

Why is it best to contact a pro?

First of all, it is important to remember that access and identity management is a fairly complex operation. If you have no skills or experience in this field, you will hardly understand anything. In this case, you may end up with a result that is not satisfactory and does not meet your expectations. This is why it is recommended to contact an AMI specialist before using it. This technician will be able to advise you and give you a few tips to increase your performance. He will also help you with the various tasks involved. Do not hesitate to call this expert for hosting concerns and/or for managed services.

IAM, the solution to all your problems

Identity management and IS (information system) access management offer considerable advantages. As its name indicates, it allows first of all to manage identities. This intervention gathers the repository of structures and persons, the tooling of the processes of movements, the slavery to the authoritative repositories.... IAM also allows for provisioning. More precisely, this is the installation and revocation of accesses. This action can be performed manually or automatically, depending on your needs. Don't forget access management (to resources and authorizations) and compliance (access certification) as well as auditing and reporting or access traceability.