Redundant tasks, communication problems between departments, lack of organization and lack of time are often found in project management. This can also happen in the business process in general. With workflow, you will rectify these difficulties that can have negative effects. It can be a question of forgetting to process a task, of input errors, of loss of documents...

What is a workflow?

Workflow comes from an English term that means: work flow. It is a sequence of tasks and data that lead to the creation of a product or service. Including the achievement of a business goal. When these tasks are determined, scheduled in time and evaluated, it is a business process. In other words, it is the way you carry out your missions. Workflow is included in a more generalized concept: Business Process Management (BPM). Not only does it allow you to schedule your work, but it also allows you to model and automate business processes via IT. Like lean management, this organizational system is based on a continuous improvement path. To find out more about product information management, check out the Goalandproduct experience management platform.

How does a PIM solution work?

The PIM solution concentrates product information from various systems and sources such as EXCEL files, ERP... It is then programmed into a uniform data type. This unique product data repository is secure and available externally and internally. External providers, suppliers and groups can enter it, according to predetermined access rights. As a result, everyone can perform their function around the information model and cooperation is better with robotic workflows. It also becomes easier to manage the content produced for various distribution channels. These are composed of mobile, web, point of sale, print... Indeed, they are generated from a single source. In short, a PIM solution provides various functions such as centralization of product information within a reference source, etc.

Improved internal and external cooperation

Some of the projects require the involvement of many actors such as partners, suppliers and other company services. The cooperation can seem complicated and cause considerable time loss or clumsiness. The workflow tool thus allows to concentrate the communication between the actors about the change and submission phases. Not to mention the approval process. As a result, it avoids several round-trips and increases the overall project process. Moreover, in the company, the departments distribute knowledge more easily, which increases transparency. All participants receive the data in real time. No more forgetting to place a duplicate employee or e-mails that get lost. The communication system becomes credible and fast.