PDF documents are widely used nowadays, whether for administrative papers or employment contracts, so it is now possible to affix an electronic signature to a PDF.  the days of printing out your document and filling it out manually with a pen before sending it back are gone!

the electronic signature, what is it ?

An electronic signature, otherwise known as a digital signature, is a mechanism designed to ensure the integrity of an electronic document, signify your approval, and authenticate you. It is not the same as a handwritten signature in that it consists of a series of characters and not visual writing. This series of characters is generated using software using a special cryptographic technique, allowing you to sign a pdf document, or any other type of file (XML, Jpeg, Word, PDF ...). But beware, because the electronic signature has real legal value. Any document that you sign will be binding on you and will serve as proof in the event of any dispute. Trust professionals for electronic PDF signature to secure your files.

The Advantages of digital signature

Turning to electronic signatures for all your documents allows you to keep them digitally without going through the printing and scanning stages. It makes their management easier. Forget about the long days of waiting for a mailing of papers: you can now exchange your contracts and all your administrative papers directly via e-mail. Say goodbye to the bulky filing system for your business: no more papers piled up everywhere! And of course, this innovative mechanism dramatically reduces your expenses by eliminating certain needs such as paper, ink, photocopying, stamping, packaging and mailing costs..

Electronic signature : what does it looks like ?

Signing a digital document does not mean that you are going to put your signature on it. It is actually a sequence of numbers associated with a file and the author of the signature. When opening documents, specific software is used to authenticate the electronic signature to ensure data security. The date is one of the necessary elements contained in the document to be signed, added using an electronic time stamping tool. To set up an electronic signature solution, have the document you want to sign in your hands, as well as an electronic certificate. This certificate acts like a digital identity card, allowing you to certify your identity and sign the document. It is not given to everyone, however. To acquire it, apply for registration from the competent public administration..