The PIM or product information management is a way to ensure the management of products on a website or an e-commerce page. The stakes of marketing on the Internet or multi-channel sales are indeed more and more considerable, especially with the emergence of digital sales media. But how to effectively guarantee the distribution of all its articles according to the target channel and the support? And how to maintain an e-commerce site or a website with the PIM solution?

The advantages of the PIM solution for e-commerce

The online sales sites are continuously witnessing more and more important consumption constraints. Indeed, each product or service offered on an online merchant site is the subject of a unique data. In addition to highlighting the product, the content is necessary for the strengthening and positioning of the SEO of the product sheet. The PIM solutions fromGoaland offer an effective and simple alternative to gain visibility. These tools ensure the originality and relevance of the content on each sales medium. It also ensures the management of product information

Mastering the content

Moreover, a product information management or PIM indicates an efficient productivity tool. This way, the company can control each content, their update or their online publishing (logistic, technical, natural referencing, webmarketing, etc.). In this way, you can work on a single medium and a single product. A product information management software represents a repository for product information management. Users use the same reference information, which is stored and updated in a collaborative space.

What product information should be included in the PIM software?

The sources to be inserted in the PIM (product information management) tool are diverse. Their use depends mainly on the final objective. They can be data related to customer behavior, logistics, information from the e-marketing department, information from one or more management tools or structured details from an ERP. It is possible to insert data related to product suppliers to add more fluidity to an e-catalog site. In this way, it will be easy to plan the next orders and make the stock management easy. This aspect is highly recommended for websites or online merchants that distribute easily perishable products.