PIM or Product Information Management is software that can be used to increase the sales of your products in an efficient way. How does the software help you manage your product information? Before answering this question, it is important to know the origins of PIM. 

Origins of Product Information Management

PIM was born in America with the advent of the internet. You can request a demo from professionals at goaland.com. In the past, the management of product information was complicated. The information that was linked to a catalog was stored in different places or departments. There were many workers and the data was stored in spreadsheets and other software. In the case of highly technical catalogs, it was difficult to have reliability on the information. Updates were not instantaneous. The consequences are multiple and sometimes terrible on several aspects. This is where the PIM comes in. You can centralize your data, which facilitates the follow-up of product information related to a catalog.

How the PIM software works

PIM software is very effective for managing product information in companies that produce many products. Generally, product data managers use Excel. Obviously, it is difficult to manipulate thousands of data on the Excel spreadsheet. It will waste a lot of time and it is also not ergonomic. It is essential to note that this business model is not secure. It does not allow an efficient collaboration of the concerned. The most important thing is to centralize and organize this information in a reference source. Ideally, it should also facilitate updating and have the ability to verify the distribution of product information. PIM software meets all these criteria.

How can you export your product data to Excel?

A PIM software helps to bring together multiple information such as technical areas, marketing with all the sales materials of the products in a reference system. This makes the information consistent in real time. The software also allows communication with other systems. It is able to synchronize with other product information management systems. You can import and export your data. Thanks to adapted software, it is easy to manage imports/exports from an Excel file. CSV exports of the different categories, products and multiple attributes are possible in .xlsx spreadsheet format. Therefore, it is possible to easily use your data in several formats.