Currently, we cannot separate new technology from the world of work. In fact, professionals most often use high-tech devices as well as state-of-the-art tools on a daily basis. For example, the majority of companies have a showcase site to promote their services and their products. This is a modern practice that ensures better communication with customers and prospects. This shows that the NTIC have quite simply overturned in an obvious way the various techniques in the trade and the marketing.

The advantages of new technology in the organization of work

Today, businesses have better access to information through many tools such as the Internet. In addition, they can use a secure storage solution using servers in the "Cloud". Specifically, professionals can pay for a subscription offered by web giants to get recording space for essential files. All this to say that there really is an influence of new technologies in the organization of work. There is thus an improvement in certain working conditions, as there is a reduction in the risk of errors in the professional field.l.

The disadvantages of new technology in the professional field

NICTs undeniably bring several advantages to the business world. However, there are a few drawbacks to highlight. First, we note that new requirements are emerging in the professional sector. For example, employees must master certain tools that can be complex, such as office software (spreadsheets, word and image processing) or programs dedicated to web browsing. Second, the use of high-tech instruments changes the human relationship, as the employee will be locked in an increasingly virtualized world. Therefore, it will have a negative impact on the well-being of workers within a company since they will feel isolated..

New technology increases the pace of work

The appearance of NICTs within the company leads to a performance obligation. Employees must quickly process increasingly large requests. This results in a significant increase in stress and anxiety. On this point, statistics show that employees have been under colossal pressure since the introduction of NICTs in the workplace. In short, technological developments are undoubtedly disrupting the way of working and organizing work. These are two inseparable sectors..